Beautiful Drexel Dresser

This is probably the heaviest dresser I’ve acquired thus far, but when it carries the Drexel trademark you know it’s top quality! 

This, along with the pair of matching night tables, are currently listed on Etsy –Paint to Order. Since I’m not quite ready to start working on them, I decided it made sense to see if there were any buyers out there who would love to choose their own style. If not, I know I’ll still have so much fun with this one. All of the beautiful designs on the drawers and those chunky  drawer pulls – so many possibilities. 

Drexel Velero Spanish Revival dresser.

How do you cope when your baby starts school?

The only answer I have is not very well!! My baby starts kindergarten tomorrow. I’m a mess inside. She doesn’t even act phased but that even makes me worry that she doesn’t quite grasp how drastic this change will be. Pre-school was only 4 hours three times a week and kindergarten is full days 5 days a week. It feels like I’m sending her off into the world, completely unprepared, and I won’t be able to protect her anymore.

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French Provincial Vanity Photos

Here’s my little photo gallery for this lovely French Provincial vanity.  It was sold for a split second but the buyer was concerned about the color. I admit, the “pink” isn’t really a true pink. In some light it looks more on the warm pink side, and in other light it does have a cooler, almost lavender tone to it. I would have hated the buyer to spend all the money and come to find she truly doesn’t like the color so I gave her a refund.

So this little number is back on Etsy! (You can find this on Etsy by clicking here.) If she doesn’t end up selling, I won’t be too terribly disappointed. I’m sure it won’t be toooo difficult to make some room for her in my house (much to my husband’s dismay, of course!). Hehe…

French Provincial Vanity
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French Provincial Vanity

When I saw this vanity, I fell in love. I’ve been adoring the French Provincial style for a long time. Their beautiful curves and lines, the ornate hardware, etc.; they are a painter’s dream because you almost can’t go wrong with the style or color you choose when giving it a makeover. 

Immediately, my mind was going wild with ideas on how I would paint it. Once I found out it was still available, I asked my dear husband to pleeeeaaase go and retrieve this awesome find for me. (That scenario is pretty much the norm for us. This time, he was just thankful it wasn’t a beast like he’s picked up before!)

2016-07-22 21.15.01-2

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Born to Shop, Forced to Work

imageThere are certain stores I know better than to step foot in. I haven’t quite mastered that art of only buying what I need. Well, actually, I haven’t quite mastered the art of separating my needs from wants. Or, I suppose, the art of planning and sticking to a budget. In my mind, I NEED everything I buy.  (My poor husband….)

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The Ugly Reality of Extortion

Imagine one day receiving a notice from your state’s Attorney General. This letter states that you are $64,000 behind on a debt – claiming you haven’t made a single payment. However, you have made your payments. You’ve faithfully made each monthly payment and the Attorney General’s office received signed and notorized affidavits each year declaring all payments.

This is a real issue but doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I have an email below regarding one man’s current fight over a debt that never existed.

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